Suzie was a Norwegian Elkhound who was lucky enough to be found by the dog-loving couple Robin and Lucila on the property that was to become Suzie’s Farm. Suzie quickly adapted to life with Robin and Lucila and became the mascot for their new organic farm. Although Suzie has passed on, you can find her on our logo, where she stands, in canine grace, guarding the farm and reminding us to be present and available when opportunities present themselves. When the breeze blows up from the river and rustles through the acacia trees, we know that the spirit of Suzie is near and guiding us. We hope you feel it too.

Good to know: Although Suzie’s Farm does not currently employ anyone named Suzie, all women and men employed by Suzie’s Farm will respond to shouts of “Hey, Suzie!” while out in the world.

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