Robin Taylor began farming with his father, Ken Taylor, in 1984, when Ken started Sprout Power, a sprout and wheatgrass farm in east San Diego county. Robin was seventeen years old. In 1991, the company moved to Imperial Beach and changed its name to Sun Grown, as the business had become a father and son (sun) endeavor.

As a theater major at San Diego State, Robin met the striking and passionate Lucila De Alejandro, also a theater major, whom he married in 1995.

Since 1996, Robin and Lucila have worked at Sun Grown together. When Robin took over Sun Grown from his father, he became the first person to grow microgreens in San Diego county. Since 1996, Sun Grown has continued to prosper and provides a wide variety of microgreens, sprouts, and edible flowers to businesses and groceries across the country.

Robin and Lucila established Suzie’s Farm in 2004 by growing edible flowers and herbs on the property where they’d found Suzie the dog. Since 2004, Robin has experimented with a wide spread of organic crops, and has provided the San Diego community with joys such as Romanesco cauliflower, Mexican gherkins, and the sweetest tomatoes around: dry-farmed Early Girls. He is also responsible for the “Padron Craze,” which began in 2010 when San Diego was introduced to the smoky deliciousness of Padron peppers.

In his limited spare time, Robin spends time with his twin daughters, Sylvie and Inez, and practices Aikido.

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