Lucila De Alejandro was born in Nogales, Mexico, grew up in Santa Clara, CA, and has lived in San Diego since 1986. Since graduating with a BA in theater from San Diego State, she has done voice-over work, taught at-risk youth drama, been a beta tester, a limo driver, a pizza server, a food safety inspector and an organic certifier.

Lucila hatched the idea for Suzie’s Farm in 2004 while attending an organic farming seminar in the midwest. She returned to San Diego and told Robin she wanted to start a CSA. Robin agreed and suggested she start planting in the shade houses on the west side of the Sun Grown property. Suzie’s Farm was established that year.

Lucila’s vision for Suzie’s Farm was centered around the concept of feeding families and building communities. It is largely due to Lucila’s vision and boundless energy that Suzie’s Farm came to fruition as fast as it did. In 2009, Suzie’s Farm began selling at farmers’ markets in the San Diego area, where Lucila sold produce, talked recipes, and kissed babies. Since its inception, Suzie’s has prided itself on being a family farm and is focused on sharing the experience of the land with the Suzie’s Farm community.

In 2007, Lucila and Robin brought two short people, Sylvie and Inez, into the world. Now five years old, Sylvie and Inez attend “farm school” on the Suzie’s property once a week, and are perhaps the only five-year-olds who can correctly identify Romanesco cauliflower.

Lucila continues to drive the vision of Suzie’s Farm and writes passionate weekly blog posts about the ever-progressing landscape of the farm. Check out Lucila’s blog here.

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