Green Garlic Scrambled Egg Toasts

Green Garlic_stalks_800

Add a delicious fragrance and flavor to your everyday scrambled eggs by tossing in some fresh green garlic. Recipe by Martin Bournhonesque from .


  • 1 stalk green garlic for every 3 eggs
  • butter
  • milk or cream
  • dense wheat bread or levain



  1. Chop green garlic like you would a scallion. Feel free to use all the green part as well as the white part. Beat eggs and add 2 tablespoons milk or cream to eggs. Slice bread thinly and leave near toaster.
  2. Saute green garlic in desired amount of butter over medium flame for a minute or two. Add beaten egg mixture to pan and reduce flame to its lowest possible setting. Stir constantly. As the eggs heat up they will start to steam a little and maybe stick to the bottom of the pan. Add some salt and pepper. Take the pan off direct heat to slow the process down. . The longer it takes, the better it'll taste. It should take at least 10 minutes to cook 3-5 eggs this way.
  3. Throw the bread in the toaster. As the eggs finally congeal, spoon onto toast, and cut to desired size.


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