From Farmer Lauren

The lovely Lauren G.—strong, sweet and ever sunshiney in temperament—sent me some of her musings the other day.
I thought you’d enjoy them as much as I did.

Despite May Gray and the annual promise of June Gloom, it seems official: summer is coming.

As those lazy hazy crazy days approach, the heat slowly climbs with each warm sunrise and everyone around is sneezing with red watery eyes. The fields are full of bug and bird action as pests descend on our favorite cool-season crops (oh, chou-chou Romanesco!), the plants not attacked are choosing to flower and go to seed, making for a beautiful bi-way for beneficials.


Never mind the aroma of grills a-grillin’ and the sight of gorgeous flowers a-bloomin’. I want those months of hibernation to return. Although I am eagerly a-waitin’ for those tomatoes and peppers budding at Bear Barranca, I yearn for the mild weather of the San Diego winter.

So I’ve been cooking me up some hearty, trusted roots and greens with a few early summer items to create that perfect transition…enjoy!


Breakfast Salad
This has so many variations, for me originating with wilted frisée as the base. Yuuuummmm!

You need:
-Tasty green leaves (I used romaine hearts and arugula)
-Your fave Sungrown sprouts and/or micros (I used sprout salad)
-Equal amounts of potatoes and radish or turnip (I used yellow banana fingerling and red creamer potatoes from Gama Farms and watermelon radishes from y.t.)
-Ample handful of fava beans
-Cheese (I used smoked jersey jack from Springhill Cheese)
-Cooking oil (sunflower, olive)
-Apple cider vinegar
-Bacon (optional, but recommended)

1. Start by cutting up the potatoes and radishes.
2. Skillet sizzle your bacon; transfer to plate when crispy.
3. Throw your roots into the leftover bacon grease and twist with fresh sea salt. Add favas and allow to soften and crustify a bit, with a lid and a dash of apple cider vinegar
4. Stack it up: first lay down the bed of greens, then shred the cheese, top that with roots and beans mixture and finally a couple bacon slices or crumbled.
5. Devour and think about the consequences later.
Later that day, we used the rest of the greens and roots as a salad in combination with grilled brats and yellow summer squash (floridor and crookneck) brushed with EVOO, salt and fresh oregano. Delish!


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