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Que Viva La Vida2

Every day we plant hope in the form of seeds. The optimism is strengthened by the energy of the Sun, refreshed by revitalizing water, protected by the embrace of the Earth.

In scant ways does the sown seed resemble the eventual plant that will rise or the ultimate food we will consume. The dream will transform and change, relentlessly from its first to its final incarnation. We trust and care, knowing that the vision we hold in our mind’s eye will come and pass.

In Life the creatures blossom and extend, growing beyond expectations, delivering past the point of necessity, generous and abundant and open.

The annuals, in death, stand stark and worn – the embodiment of a life given, a life taken, a life lived. Each plant holds one end goal: to broadcast its essence as robustly and diversely as possible. Each being asserts: I existed. Each testifies, a document of progress in space and time. Even as the dried leaves crush to powder, as the fruits pucker and toughen, as the bush crumples, as the roots wither, the life form demonstrates a form of life. Spirit contributes seeds. Anatomy gives humus. A soul has only to pass through the fields to be reminded of Life’s fleetness. We emerge and return to the Earth.

We are constant witnesses to this miracle, this gracious gift of Life and Death. Indeed the paradox is divine – how can we so joyfully embrace Life and peacefully and contentedly face Death’s embrace?

It is an inevitable life work for each of us. The task? To seize this Life, with a joy so fierce, an ebullience so ardent, that our death honors life.

Suzie’s Farm invites you to exalt the endless cycle of Life and Death in our Dia de los Muertos celebration.

On Saturday, November 2, 2013, from 6:00-10pm, we offer traditional Mexican food and drink created by some of San Diego and Mexico’s most acclaimed chefs. Live music provided by Jazz 88.3. Celebrate at the main altar where you can commemorate your precious loved ones.

Advance-sale tickets for this party are available for a short time only. Please join us.

Que viva la vida!

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