Recipes for: Sage

  • Fresh Shell Bean and Herb Spread

    This easy spread comes from our local friends at Annel and Drew’s Kitchen.

  • Toast with Tomato-Butter and Herb

    Compound butters are a great way to add flavor in a flash. Slather it on roasted vegetables, a seared steak, chicken or fish. Recipe adapted from+…

  • Herbed Spaghetti Squash

    The butter and the herbs together made this squash taste a little like spaghetti! Recipe courtesy of Emeril Lagasse,

  • Roasted Herb Broccoli

    Crispy bites of herb with rich flavors of roasted broccoli. Recipes from allrecipes

  • Sage, Broccoli, & Squash Risotto

    Try this simple vegan seasonal Risotto!

  • For Those Who Think Big

    This morning, Lucila was (presumably) researching recipes to post here. I presume this on the basis of several “mmm” noises she was making. There are+…

  • Re-Shelled

    This one, I felt, deserved its own entry, rather than being tacked onto the previous shelling bean post. Two reasons, your honor. One is that+…

  • This Time It’s Personal

    My mom made this soup the other day and sent it home with me in a jar with a ribbon tied around it. Yeah, you’re+…

  • Sage & Fennel Tea- Good for What Ails You

    Sage Tea Recipe (Relives Cold, Sore Throats, and Cold Sores, Good for Tummy Aches too) 1 ounce sage leaves 3/4 ounce fennel seeds Pour 1+…

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