Recipes for: Red Kuri

  • Kale and Roasted Red Kuri Squash Salad

    There will be extra squash and extra dressing- I eat them alone together as leftovers, or add the squash to other dishes! And the dressing+…

  • Hard Squash Hummus

    This recipe is adapted from a dish served at the San Francisco restaurant Bar Tartine, where chef Nicolaus Balla tops roasted and pureed butternut squash+…

  • Red Kuri Squash Soup

    Winter is a perfect time to make a creamy and satisfying winter squash soup and you can use your fennel bulb from this week’s CSA+…

  • How to Roast Butternut Squash Seeds

    The seeds should end up crispy and delicious, with a flavor similar to fresh popcorn. Delish! This recipe can be used for all winter squash+…

  • Kale and Roasted Red Kuri Squash Salad

    This is a very fall festive kale and squash salad with hazelnuts and cranberries. And, the dressing is amazing! Recipe from

  • Red Kuri Squash Soup

    The flavor of Red Kuri squash  is sweet and nutty, reminiscent of chestnuts, and it makes a delicious soup. This recipe is by Alcie Waters+…

  • Smoky Braised Mexican Pumpkin

    Looking for different ways to use pumpkins I came across a delicious recipe by Rick Bayless. This recipe has a few steps in preparation but+…

  • Roasted Squash Wedges with Grapefruit and Pomegranate

    Flavor-wise this recipe is at once spicy, sweet, acidic, and herbaceous. Bittersweet grapefruit suffuses the dish, while pomegranate arils lend little bursts of sweetness.This recipe+…

  • Winter Squash with Spiced Butter

    Traditional Fall  flavors (squash, cinnamon and spices, butter) are given a beautiful Persian accent by adding rose petals. This recipe suggest a mix of two+…

  • Red Kuri Squash Risotto

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