Recipes for: Chive

  • Green Garlic Toast

    Turn your fresh green garlic into a butter spread and enjoy the first taste of spring. This yummy recipe comes from our good friend, Chef+…

  • Kohlrabi Slaw

    If you can shred it and dress it, it’s a slaw says Food Blogger Greenthyme.

  • Frisée Salad With Poached Egg

    This is inspired by a classic French country salad. Recipe adapted from

  • Herbed Spaghetti Squash

    The butter and the herbs together made this squash taste a little like spaghetti! Recipe courtesy of Emeril Lagasse,

  • Golden Beets

    Summertime Beets

    We think of beets as a cold-season vegetable. And why shouldn’t we? They are so gamely reliable in the fall and winter. Their colors match+…

  • Culture Report

    It’s the elephant in the room. Nobody wants to be the first to mention it, but we are forced to concede… The beet has sold+…

  • Re-Shelled

    This one, I felt, deserved its own entry, rather than being tacked onto the previous shelling bean post. Two reasons, your honor. One is that+…

  • Chives

    One popular use of chives is in the French “fines herbes,” a mixture of parsley, chives, tarragon and chervil. This and other herbal mixtures are+…

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