Recipes for: Cabbage

  • Crunchy Asian Slaw with Ginger-Tahini Dressing

    This is a colorful mix of cabbage and root vegetables covered with a delicious asian spiced dressing. Recipe from  

  • Fish Tacos with Quick Cabbage Slaw

    The textural contrast between lightly crispy fish, supple corn tortillas, crunchy slaw and soft avocado is a big part of this simple recipe’s success. The fish+…

  • Japanese Vegetable Pancakes [Okonomiyaki] with Bok Choy, Kale and Carrots

    Japanese vegetable pancakes are a great way to use the variety of winter veggies in your CSA box. Cut your vegetables very thinly so that+…

  • Braised Cabbage

    Braising the sweet and tender cone cabbage with caraway, coriander and cumin seeds gives a lovely aromatic twist to this plain tasting brassica. Add in+…

  • Cabbage Orange Salad with Balsamic Dressing

    This week all of the ingredients for this fresh cabbage orange salad are in your spring CSA Box. Try it out and feel the refreshing+…

  • Borscht

    Choosing this Borscht recipe from was irresistable since so many of this week CSA Box items are listed in the ingredients.

  • Cabbage-Kohlrabi Slaw

    The word kohlrabi is German and translates to “cabbage turnip”. This describes the flavor well with an added hint of sweetness and peppery bite. Kohlrabi+…

  • Cabbage and Apple Salad (w/ Kale)

    This crunchy and cleansing slaw adds a bright note to the meal especially when eaten as a side dish with pork or beef. Recipe by Anders+…

  • Tom’s Grilled Cabbage

    Keep the heat outside by grilling your cabbage on the barbeque. Besides adding smoke flavor, grilling cabbage brings out the vegetable’s natural sweetness. Of course,+…

  • Spicy Arrowhead (Cone) Cabbage Slaw

    Searching for a different cabbage slaw recipe I came across this very popular one on the internet. Cone cabbage has a light cabbage flavor and+…

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