Greetings, chefs! We’re thrilled you’re interested in ordering from Suzie’s Farm. To begin, you’ll need to email Andy so we can get you in our database. Once you become a customer, you’ll receive our weekly availability list via email, from Robin.


  • We deliver Monday through Friday from 10am until 2:30pm. Our delivery minimum is $75 (smaller produce orders can be picked up at the farm between 10am and 2:30pm).
  • To place an order, email Andy or call 619-662-1780.
  • Orders must be placed by 6am for same day delivery (you’re also welcome to order ahead of time).
  • Do you need weekend delivery? No problem! We send pre-ordered items to our weekend farmers’ markets. For weekend delivery, you must place your order by 10am on Friday.
  • If you haven’t placed an order, you’re still welcome to buy at any of our farmers’ markets, though you’ll have to pay market prices.
  • Come take a tour! We encourage you to bring owners, bartenders, and staff — all restaurants with whom we do business are invited to take a tour of the farm, free of charge.
  • Also note: if you’re a Suzie’s customer, you’re a Sun Grown customer. This means you’ll have access to ordering all our sprout and microgreen offerings, available year-round.

Photo above © Jay Porter 2011