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Ellie’s Field Report – Week of March 50

New in the field this week:  Apprentices 2.0

They’re young, they’re strong, they’re women and they want to learn how to grow food for real.  We have been observing the female trend here at Suzie’s for three years.  Starting with me, probably 80% of our serious applicants have been women.  There have been and are some great men here too, don’t get me wrong.  We started our apprenticeship program last summer because there is a real interest and need for this kind of educational opportunity.  The National Young Farmer’s Coalition released a report last fall called “Building a Future with Farmers.”  Those interviewed identified apprenticeships as being the most valuable program/resource for young and beginning farmers. 

I’m truly grateful for the education I’ve received here at Suzie’s Farm and honored for the opportunity to pay it forward.  

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