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Ellie’s Field Report – Week of March 190

News From Farmer #1

You aren’t going to believe what Eric found Friday! He’d been noticing funny behavior from one of our silkie hens. She’d been chillin’ under her coop, A LOT. This morning when he went to collect eggs, he noticed some suspicious behavior from the other hens. They were all riled up about something.  He went to the center of the commotion and found, yes…a teeny tiny newborn BABY CHICKIE WICKIE, black and fuzzy. Life happens at the farm. And sometimes the cycle is quick and unpredictable and hard for us to understand. We suspect this baby may not make it. It is weak from being attacked by the other hens. But it is our first 100% Suzie’s Farm born-on-the-farm barnyard baby, a joy to find and wonder instilling.

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