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Ellie’s Field Report – Week of March 120

News From Farmer #1

Our first summer we experimented with about 10 varieties of tomatoes. Of those, we really loved one:  the pink Zapotec Pleated. Winter of 2010 came and we got hypno-eyes looking at the seed catalogues. So many shapes, so many colors, so many delightful descriptions of tomato flavors beyond our imagination. By March we had planted two acres with 33 different varieties and that was too many. Too many acres, too many types and we were overwhelmed.  Many of the varieties didn’t make it past the taste test in the field. They remained a twinkle in the eye of the CSA box or market stand. In 2011 we kept it simple: seven varieties, three smaller plantings, one U-pick, less loss (lotsa fun). But all last summer I just could not shake the memory of two of those 33.  Get ready for the return of Black from Tula and Costoluto Genovese. We planted them today and they are Real Good kinds of tomatoes.   

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