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Ellie’s Field Report — Week of December 2nd0

Seems like everybody is talking about gut bacteria these days. Have you noticed the same trend on your social media newsfeed? In the past couple of weeks I’ve seen an explosion of articles and blog posts exploring the connection between healthy guts and disease, especially depression and anxiety.

Over the weekend, I watched an online talk by Christina Warinner, a paleontologist who studies long-term trends in human health and diet. She helped me put some more of these puzzle pieces together. Our long ago ancient ancestors had very diverse diets, eating lots of wild plants and animals. Their diets varied from region to region, often changed dramatically with seasons as animals migrated and plant availability ebbed and flowed. One thing is for sure, their foods did not contain preservatives.

Why are preservatives in our so many of our foods these days? To kill bacteria of course! If our health and wellness is dependent on healthy internal bacterial communities, eating foods containing preservatives just doesn’t make sense. We’re killing the good guys in our guts that not only help us digest our foods properly but also help us stay calm and happy. Eat fresh foods! Get happy and well!

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