U-Pick Club

Pay Dirt

You Hit Pay Dirt!

Become a member of the U-Pick Club and harvest your own CSA box of veggies.

What’s It All About?

The U-Pick Club is our version of a pick-your-own CSA. Traditional CSA members pay in advance for a certain number of produce boxes. U-Pick Club members pay in advance for a certain number of ‘picks’ and become official card-carrying members of the farm. During each scheduled pick, members will be guided through harvesting 8 items fresh from the fields while receiving anecdotes and helpful tips along the way.

When you become a Suzie’s CSA member – whether through our box program or through this amazing U-Pick Club – you become a part of our farm-ily. We consider ourselves more than just farmers — we’re also educators, artists, community-members, and avid eaters. We’re not here to simply sell you a product – we’re interested in opening our fields to you, getting to know you, and helping you get to know your food. We want to teach you to recognize a cucumber plant from a squash plant. We want to munch on a pepper in the field with you.

pepper bite

Learn more about our fields and get your hands on our organically grown produce! Join the U-Pick Club today!


This is a working farm, y’all! Please wear long pants, close-toed shoes (no sandals!), and bring a hat. Layers are recommended, as the farm is often cooled by the breeze on even the sunniest days. Help us save the Earth and bring your own re-usable grocery bags (2 should be plenty). In addition, we suggest you bring drinking water and sunscreen.

vertical harvest

Membership Options:

  • 4 picks: $92 ($23/pick)
  • 8 picks: $176 ($22/pick)
  • 16 picks: $320 ($20/pick)

Items on the U-Pick Club harvest list are posted here weekly.

U-Pick Club Times:

  • Tuesdays at 3:30pm
  • Saturdays at 10am and 12:30pm
  • Sundays at 10am and 12:30pm

Where: Suzie’s Farm – 2570 Sunset Avenue, San Diego, CA 92154

Click here to join today!

group pick

U-Pick Member Details:

  • Becoming a U-Pick shareholder means that you pledge to support our farm in its operations by pre-paying a fee in exchange for a share of the harvest. You have an interest in Suzie’s Farm’s success!
  • Payment must be received before your U-Pick membership begins.
  • You will be accompanied by a Guide who will outline harvesting procedures to enhance your picking experience. Please follow correct harvesting procedures for each specific crop.
  • Each “Pick” is equivalent to one CSA share. U-Pick Club members may bring up to 3 guests to assist with picking. YOU are responsible for what you pick, so make every veggie count!
  • Picks consist of pre-selected crops with predetermined amounts. Depending on field conditions, some veggies may be available in the Farm Stand for you to select.
  • Your membership with the U-Pick Club with is concurrent with your compliance to farm harvesting procedures. This is for your safety and the safety of our crops!
  • Noncompliance with harvesting procedures results in dismissal from U-Pick Club and forfeiture of payment.
  • We require 30-day notice to cancel membership. We do not give cash refunds. Unused balances will be refunded in the form of “Market Bucks” that can be used at any of our Farmers’ Market stalls.
  • U-Pick Club membership expires 1 year after joining. Don’t delay, pick TODAY!