About our CSA


During the month of April, we are having a ‘Get Free Veggies’ campaign, from April 1st to May 1st, 2016. For every CSA renewal or new CSA membership, we will add one free CSA Box (for 6 or 13 CSA Boxes) or two free CSA Boxes (for 26 CSA Boxes) to that members’ CSA account. Our ‘Get Free Veggies’ campaign is a way to build our CSA community and offer you a free CSA Box in gratitude.

CSA Members – CSA Spring Potluck
May 21st, 2016,  12pm – 4pm

We invite you to come on down and enjoy
A Saturday afternoon potluck at the farm
Bring your family and favorite dish
And we’ll bring ours

Please RSVP for this free event
On our website, The Shop/Special Events


CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture and boy, do we love our CSA Shareholders. Like many small farms, we rely on the support of our CSA Shareholders. As a thank-you for supporting us, you’ll receive a box bursting with freshly harvested produce, including items grown specifically for you. You’ll also receive our weekly newsletter, two complimentary tour passes and harvest bags for Public Tours, as well as special pricing and access to various Suzie’s events. What more could you want?

Why should you choose the Suzie’s CSA? We’ll tell you why. Firstly, we’re the only organic farm located in the City of San Diego, which means we’re as local as it gets. Second, our food is delicious, and it’s all USDA-certified organic. That means no chemicals and lots of flavor. If you’re interested in a fool-proof way to eat seasonally and locally, the CSA is as easy as it gets.


When you become a Suzie’s CSA member, you become a part of our farm-ily. We consider ourselves more than just farmers—we’re also educators, artists, community-members, and avid eaters. We’re not here to simply sell you a product – we’re interested in opening our fields to you, getting to know you, and helping you get to know your food. We want to teach you to recognize a cucumber plant from a squash plant. We want to munch on a pepper in the field with you.

Our CSA program is flexible – we’ll accommodate your vacations and remind you when you need to renew. Our CSA box is ever changing, just like our fields, so you’ll never have the chance get bored. Plus, we provide recipes for every vegetable we grow so that you’ll never have to fear about what to do with an unrecognizable vegetable. Eaters rejoice!

Visit our Shareholders’ Store to add eggs to your CSA delivery!

The Deets:

When signing up for our CSA, you have three easy decisions to make:

  1. Location – Choose from one of our convenient pickup locations in over 50 neighborhoods across San Diego, including all farmers’ markets where we sell our produce.
  2. Frequency – How often do you want a box? You can receive a box every week or every other week.
  3. Number – How many boxes would like to receive? You can opt for as few as 6 boxes, all the way to 52 boxes to cover an entire year!


What comes in your CSA Box:

Your CSA Box will have 8 different seasonal items including: vegetables, fruits, herbs, sprouts and flowers. We grow multiple varieties of many crops. Our lettuces are a good example of this: romaine, leopard romaine, green and red leaf, green and red bibb, and a mix of salanova varieties…Our CSA Box is ever changing, just like the seasons. You will receive a mix of hand-picked produce full of farm fresh flavor and vitality.

Awesome bonuses:

  • New members are provided with two complimentary farm tour passes to use during their subscription period.
  • Sign up for a CSA subscription at your local Farmers’ Market and receive $10 free market bucks to spend right then and there.
  • Visit our Shareholders’ Store to add extra items, such as fruit, sprouts, wheat grass, and more, to your CSA Box.

The produce you receive in your CSA box will represent what is freshest at our farm. We value our CSA customers highly and encourage you to share your box contents and recipe ideas with friends and family.

Prices for our CSA Box subscription:

  • 2 Box Trial:$50 ($25/box)
  • 6 Boxes:    $150 ($25/box)
  • 13 Boxes :  $292.50 ($22.50/box – 10% discount)
  • 26 Boxes :  $552.50 ($21.25/box – 15% discount)

Are you ready to become a Suzie’s Farm CSA Shareholder? Join Our CSA