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You will see four different kinds of cucumbers in your CSA box this summer. Marketmores have a higher water content, are long, dark green in color, and used traditionally for slicing or pickling. This is your classic concept of a cucumber. Persian cucumbers are smaller and have smooth, edible thin skin – no peeling required. They’re basically seedless with just a few tiny undeveloped seeds. Tender and crunchy, the Persian features a delicate, very pleasant, mildly sweet profile. They are perfect for the kids’ lunch boxes or snacks.


Where the first two varieties stand firm in function and flavor, our other two varieties stand out with unique gusto and appearance. Mexican Gherkins bear the resemblance of a 1-inch long mini watermelon, hence they are known to many a market shopper as ‘Watermelon Cucumbers’. Expect a bright sour flavor similar to what you might imagine if a tomato and a lemon had a baby in a cucumber patch. Armenian cucumbers are elongated and curvy with two-toned green stripes. The thin, ridged skin protects the crispy dense fruit with a mild sapor reminiscent of its close relative: the muskmelon. It has no bitterness and the fruit is almost always used without peeling. Wipe the soft fuzzy outer layer off with a damp cloth and enjoy an early taste of summer!


Cucumbers are a no brainer, but how about all this summer squash? This week’s recipes help you put all your goodies to use: Indian-Spiced Grilled Baby Summer Squash and Sweet and Sour Patty Pan Squash and Green Beans.

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