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Cooking with The CSA: Sauerkraut Recipes!0

Old School Sauerkraut
1 Head Cabbage
1 Tbsp Sea Salt
Fresh Dill (optional)
Water (enough to submerge)
1 Lemon

Veggie Mix Sauerkraut
2 Heads Cabbage
7 Carrots
1 Lg Head Broccoli (and stem)
2 Onions (finely shredded)
2 Bunches of Dinasour Kale (Collards, Curly Kale, Bok Choi work too.)
The Brine:
3 Squeezed Lemons
1/2 cup Apple Cider Vinegar
1 Bunch of Dill
4-5 Cloves Garlic
3 inches of Fresh Ginger
3-4 tbsp Sea Salt
3-4 cups of Water
Cayenne (optional)

Fermentation Process (for both recipes):
Chop off the base of the cabbage and put aside for later and shred the rest
of the head(s) of cabbage. Toss it all together in a really BIG bowl and add
the remaining ingredients.

Stuff this mixture into your jars, packing it down tightly and leaving 2-3
inches of space from the top. It is very important to leave room at the top
to prevent a massive organic eruption upon opening the jar! Pour the
remaining brine into the jars until the veggies are submerged -You can use
your saved cabbage bottom by cutting it to size and creating a sort of seal
or platform for the top layer. This will allow you to easily push the
cabbage down so that it stays submerged as it ferments. And as the last
final touch I like to squeeze fresh lemon all along the top to prevent any
bad germs from growing on anything expose.

Now comes the fun part. Time to ferment! Place your sealed jars in a safe
place at room temperature (and away from direct light) and allow to rest
anywhere from 4 to 10 days. In this time you will see your vegetables come
to life. bubbles may start forming in the jar and the colors will change.
Occasionally ‘burbing’ your sauerkraut is recommended – briefly opening the
lids and allowing some bubbles to escape. Use a clean utensil to push
everything down so that it remains submerged below the liquid. You can taste
your sauerkraut along the way until it is just the way you like!

Time to enjoy all the healthful benefits of this probiotic and vitamin rich
food! You can store your sauerkraut in the refrigerator indefinitely

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