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Whenever we have Green Garlic in the field I think of our first General Manager, Katie Mayfield. We used to field walk to discuss and strategize markets, CSA, hiring and husbands, employee issues, dogs and dreams. One Spring the Garlic and Strawberries grew next to each other at Kiki Town, a property we leased from the Navy starting in July of 2009. We had sampled some garlic and followed it with the first berries of the season. It was a revelatory moment, similar to the one Remy experiences in the Pixar film, Ratatouille. Minds blown that such dissimilar flavors could combine so synergistically.

I’m reminded of that now as we continue to harmonize with our partners, Noah, Freeman and Thaddeus and the entire team of people and resources that they bring to Suzie’s Farm.

Friends and family, CSA and Market clients ask:::how is it going? The answer is that it is like this season; it’s like Spring.

It is a time of rebirth and rejuvenation, of new starts and hope. It is a time of renewal and resurrection, a time of cultivation.

We watch the fields carefully for infestations of insects, proliferation of weeds. The cabbage is inundated with nettles. The kale shows signs of grey aphids. We nurture our plantings to achieve higher yields. Things advance rapidly now, patterns are determined and settled. When unforeseen events cause us to veer, like changing operations or procedures, we move decisively knowing that the light increases and the air flows.

Our staff and clients continue to warm and brighten through this transition. There are tremendous places where we have blossomed, become more active. Some things have died. Some have flourished. The storms that come are unexpected and refreshing as they reveal opportunities for growth.

The Brothers own larger operations and have vaster experience than Suzie’s Farm. Their staff is equipped in the ways of passion and spreadsheets and numbers and meetings and bottom lines and heart in a way that Robin and I are not. I am humbled by what they offer. I am relieved. I trust. The time for Summer planting is now. By combining efforts we are stronger together.

We continue to tender what we believe we do best: humanity. The chance to come down and harvest your own green garlic, pungent and bright, or strawberries, bursting with juice. To try them simultaneously. To have your mind blown. To meet your farmer and see your farm. To tour the fields with your family and friends. To see your food growing in the ground, with the sun warming your hair and the breeze surrounding you.

Katie left a long time ago. It broke our heart. It seems unreal to me that some of our current staff didn’t know her or Britta or Scott or Eric or Team Awesome or Taylor or Misha or Ahni or Kaz or Ellie or Kristin. Even to you some of those names don’t register. Change is constant.

Changes happen to us and through us, with us and within us like Spring, tempestuous and unexpected, mild and lovely and fruitful.

Until next week,

Do Well. Be Well.

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  • Chase ON 04/27/2017 SAID:

    Beautifully and well said!