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Breaking Forth0

Can you sense a change in the energy, in yourself, as the days open up? Waking the girls for school seems easier now that the mornings yawn with light.

March is the month where things quicken. Spring hovers in the wings waiting, docile, for Winter to finish up. The showers that dominated this year’s Winter smatter now, seeming silly in comparison to downpours earlier this season. With every forecast of rain Robin smirks disbelieving. Winter doesn’t know it yet, but it’s *so* over.

I love Winter; it’s my favorite season. The time to quiet down, consider, and dream.

During these times, in places where it snows, the ice cracks, the sun warms, the days gently draw. Even for me, loving Winter as I do, I yearn for Spring.

Things move in Spring. Energy brightens. Blossoms burst forth. New growth emerges. What lay latent during Winter begins.

All that rain, delicious and distinguished, and the sunny days in between have proliferated buoyant seedlings. They riot in the fields between bushy broccoli and copious cauliflower. It’s weeding time again. It’s seeding time again.

Weeding away patterns and habits that no longer serve. The Child in Me right now wants to only eat waffles and brownies, drink coffee and beer, snooze and screen. The Child in Me is kicking and screaming. The Child in Me does not want the energy to change. She wants to stay in, reading books, and figuring out plans and schemes and what next steps to take. It seems safer. It seems easier. It seems small.

Except that The Child In Me knows what steps to take. She feels unrest because She knows. She knows the work required, the change required, the breaks required, the seeding required. She resists because she fears the tears and pain certain on the path of growth.

Seeding things that support my goals. Seeding relationships with people more successful, more ambitious, more advanced than I am. Seeding opportunities for growth and prosperity and freedom.

Both require similar action and execution. Both require stamina, strength, and flexibility. Both require self-awareness and courage. Both require time and grace. Both require breaking forth and breaking free.

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