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Month: December, 2010

  • Choppers

    The helicopters today are particularly annoying. Buzzing over my head low and constant. I finally rage at one, “You are really pissing me off today!”+…

  • No Adams Ave Market this week

    “What we have here is a failure to communicate.” Operating under the yet unverified impression that the Adams Ave market would be closed this week,+…

  • Box Contents, December 27-January 2

    Beets—Gold, Chioggia or Detroit Dark Red Lacinato Kale Arugula Spaghetti Squash Broccoli Bunch Onions Fennel Cilantro Large Turnips Radishes Black-Eyed Pea Sprouts

  • When It Rains

    This year, for the first time in almost 500 years, a full lunar eclipse corresponded with the Winter Solstice. Reading our bio-dynamic calendar, they predicted+…

  • Box Contents, December 20-26

    Beets: Gold, Chioggia or Detroit Dark Red Carrots Fennel Spaghetti Squash Happy Rich Broccoli Napa Cabbage Spinach Parsley Braising Mix Rosemary/Thyme/Sage bunch Turnips Onion Sprouts

  • Field Report

    I went out for my field report today. I practically had the fields to myself except for Calamity Jane and Ruby. Ruby is my comadre’s+…

  • Under Your Skin

    Those of you who frequent the coastal farmers’ markets are likely to be familiar with Annel & Drew’s Kitchen, they of the roasted artichokes and+…

  • Short On Salad Greens? Go mustard!

    The thought of mustard greens makes me a little uncomfortable. Not totally paralyzed by any means, but…what do you DO with them? All I know+…

  • Suzie’s FarmDecember Newsletter

    You’ll find recipes galore and food for thought in our December Newsletter

  • Too Much, To Chard?

    Swiss chard is divine. It comes from Italy, nestled quietly along the coasts of the Mediterranean. A savory green, it’s precursor is an ancient perennial+…

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